White Chocolate and Raspberry

Costumes by Vixen

Terms of Service

First PAID first served


All suits from 2015 onward will be done in groups of no more than 5 at a time. I DO NOT guarantee suits to be made by particular dates, but I will try if you would like it to be.

All suit heads will be constructed first in each group, followed by other body parts depending on what measurements supplied by commissioners have been received.

I work part-time looking to work full time, so I will work on suits during my days off and low periods. XMAS time is high work demand, and unlikely to get much sewing done during that time.

Thank you for your understanding.


When you have decided that you DO want to go ahead and get a commission from me, please be aware that I will require a 30% non- refundable down payment.

It is also preferable that you make regular payments during construction as no suit will leave until it has been fully paid for.

All prices are in AU$

Bank deposit is desired, but I will accept PayPal if you add the 3% extra to all deposits. (EXAMPLE, if sending $150, you must send $154.50 to cover paypal fees)

Shipping/ Delivery

Shipping is NOT included in the final suit quote.

Please be aware that size and weight of a box can vary and I will not send a suit unless it is registered and insured.

I calculate exact costs via Aus Post calculator, which is usually spot on.

I can ship international, but be aware of the extra costs.

Suits may be delivered if I am already going to be heading your way on a trip or if you're not too far, then a meet up point is preferable for pick up.

Warranty, Repair and Returns

I will only accept a returned unwanted suit if it has NOT been worn except for fitting. Such returns will only be accepted within the first 30 days upon receipt of the suit. Unwanted suits will only be refunded 70% (as this is time that cannot be turned back!) and minus the down payment if the suit is in MINT condition only! The suit will then be auctioned off.

I will fix minor defects and size issues on the suit for free for the first 6 months.

*NOTE*If you have gained/lost significant weight during construction after supplying me a DTD please be aware that only small size changes can be made after construction without making the whole suit out of proportion. It's recommended that if you plan to loose or gain some weight, do so before considering a fursuit to save you money paid for something that won't fit. I can alter small size changes, but significant size changes will not be covered as unwanted suit or free alteration.

Postage must be paid for by the customer both ways.
Problems should be noticed well within this time frame if any.
Used suits must be CLEAN, unmodified and in a reasonable condition.
(over used, worn suits to an extent will not be accepted...smelly suits will be sent right back too)

I will repair suits after the 6 month period, but there may be a fee depending on the repair. 

Warranty will be void if any repairs or modifications have been done by anyone else other than myself.