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How to Make a Duct Tape Dummy

What is a Duct Tape Dummy??

 A duct Tape dummy is literally what it is called.. a dummy made from duct tape!!
Making one of these replicates your exact body shape for me to be able to make a perfect fitting suit!

The tutorial takes you on a step by step guide on what you need and how to create a "DTD"

Important things to take note!!

> Use only approx 20cm strips at a time, DO NOT wrap tape around the person, this will cause a poor replica.

> DO NOT tape too tightly, this will be firstly uncomfortable for the person being duct taped, AND it will cause the DTD to shink once cut from the body.

> Be sure to mark lines AND 'stitch marks', cut only the lines, and I will use the stitch mark to put the dummy back together. You do not need to put it back together when you send it to me.