White Chocolate and Raspberry

Costumes by Vixen

How I got into making Fursuits:

^This was the first time I met Skittles! 2006 =)

I was first inspired to make costumes at the first 'furry' meet I ever went to, 'Midfur' 2006 where I met the fursuit "Skittles" made by Shy-Cry-Wolf.

The 'wow' factor and the amazement that people actually make the huge wearable animals was instantly inspiring for me to make my own costume like this!

Every year from 2007 - current, I have made myelf a fursuit, each time trying new techniques and improving on ones I've learnt!

After the debut of "Jasper" in 2009, I had ALOT of commission requests and decided to take them on! I am now currently doing this full time at home.